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Has Milo's urine been tested by the vets lab for crystals or infection?

Most cleaners use ammonia as a base ingredient, it actually smells very much like a component of cat pee, so instead of using those mix 1 cup water 1/4 cup white vinegar 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol spray the affected area & mop up, then spray again and let dry. This will help to elminate the residual smell from the previous times Milo has gone in those areas.

Can you move the shoes in to a closed closet? There may be other animals he is smelling on the shoes.

How often is the litterbox cleaned? It should be done after everytime Milo uses it. Cats don't like to step in used litter. The entire contents should be dumped about once every two weeks, the box fully cleaned & filled with fresh litter.

Can you add a 2nd litterbox? Often cats prefer to have an option on where to go. Is the litterbox you have covered or uncovered? If it is a covered one, try an uncovered box.
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