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Cat pee here, cat pee there...


I left my cat at my parents when I moved away. Cat is a 4yo Milo.

He was kastrated at the age of 1yo.

He is trained to use the litterbox, but he constantly goes to pee by the door (around the shoes) and on the carpet that is in the toiler, 10cm away from his litterbox.

And it is fairly annoying.

No medical issues noticable, the vet has checked him, so it can only be mental ?

We used some strong stuff to clean up the shoe area, and the carpet is washed 2-3 times a week because thats how often he does it on the carpeet.

Its like you have to watch him, sometimes he is sniffing around the carpet, then you go and scream "Milo what are you doing??" then he jumps on the litterbox...

Often we catch him around the shoes and then we have to make sounds and then he is like "oops" and runs to the toilet..

What can we do? Its so hard and its so time consuming.

No big changes has happened really, he does it constantly since, well since he was 8months old? Its just constant...

We have tried spraying and washing the crime scenes with some PISS-OFF and it doesnt help.


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