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True most reading will state that dogs are not omnivors because the myth about the stomach thing, but there are other readings that prove otherwise. But leaving that aside. Dogs are not wolves. I never known a pack of chihuahuas LOL. If all dogs come from wolves that is a different story.

I like to give my dogs Tripett it is only tripe, nothing added and you can get it in beef, lamb. My dogs go CRAZY over it. I think most dogs go CRazy for it. There are nutritional benefits to it.

What I am trying to say is that if all dogs came from wolves its been awhile that these breeds came about. We can not compare what they use to eat because of better research shows benefits. We as people eat differently then we did 100 years ago because of better research.

I just believe that protien for meat source (because protien can come from other sources) is the best for energy. I don't think high fat contrbutes to good energy because of the problems. Low levels to moderate levels of fat is fine. But pork which companies use in there kibble is the whole pork they throw in and pork is know to have a lot of fat. Maybe as a treat once and awhile but not as a meal everyday.

but don't forget all animals with skeletal muscle store carbohydrates in muscles and the liver and other organs,including us. So wolves including dogs that eat raw do get some amount carbs.
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