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Originally Posted by stawbz View Post
Hi, i think i may have found your cat. There is one that keeps coming around where i live and it looks extremely like Cleo. I live on Landon crescent in Spruce Grove. I also saw it on sunday morning too. It doesnt have a collar and is really friendly but scared. I will try and get her/him and give it some food.
Hi there, and thank you for helping this baby! If the OP does not happen to come back, please get in contact with the Spruce Grove Vet clinic. The people there are wonderful and take in a lot of "strays". They can also put posters up in the clinic that someone who knows the owner may see. Not sure if I'm allowed to post the number to the clinic, if not, mods please remove it!!

(780)962-3233 (I have them on speed dial )
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