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Originally Posted by Frenchy View Post
Really ? Because I read that it takes more than one treatment.

was it expensive ? not the meds but the injection , and was your dog on any pain killer ? how was he feeling after the injection ? do you have any pictures ?

sorry for all the questions but , most people come in this thread and post about it but never come back to update or to show us how it worked out.
you can see pictures of my little girl's treatment at the link i posted above (repeated here) they show the open wound so are not for the easily grossed out.

the total treatment including 2 injections, topical treatments, oral neo, Tramadol prescriptions, vet visits and rechecks was somewhere between $1-1.5K. this was compared to the $13K the same veterinary hospital quoted for MRI ($2k), Surgery ($3k), and followup Radiation ($8k). you definitely could tell she was in pain after the injections with whining and whimpering.

my old computer crashed so i lost pictures after day 19, but we did several more topical applications directly in the wound area after these pictures were taken because our Vet said there was still some visible malignant tissue.

we also did oral Neoplasene for about 2 months. our Vet did not say it needed to be continued indefinitely.

Maddie is doing fine now. she has a quarter sized spot with no fur where the tumor used to be.

let me know if you have any other questions.

edit: i also got yelled at by Dr. Fox when i called with some questions

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