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Yes Hazel I follow more or less a whole prey type recipe. I usually prepare somewhere between 10 and 15 pounds at a time which works out to about 120 or so meals. When all is said and done it is relatively inexpensive - turkey runs about $.25 a meal and rabbit or lamb are in the $.70-$.75 range.

Basically that flexible wire protectant is just a bit of a deterrent I know with BB given time she should chew through it as well. She can apply enough bite to go through the coaxial cable that was on the back of the television, which she did. We had to bring in a technician to replace the coaxial cable from the television to the box in the basement. Maybe the sour apple spray didn't work for us with BB but it might be worth a try for you. When you had JD into the vets the other day did they check on his teeth? That might be the problem as well. Maybe if you can get some chicken necks cut them in thirds, and give JD a small piece and see if that squelches the urge to chew on wire.

In regards to the hot pepper juice I think I would be holding back on that one. If JD happened to step into the pepper juice and then rubbed his eyes it would cause a severe burning sensation and that could end up compounding the problem.

You were mentioning that the vet tech was trying to convince you of shots every year I personally would renege on that one. I agree it's worth another thread.

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