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Thank you for rescuing this precious kitten.

I had a rescue kitty of 4 weeks old that pottied on my bed also. I took a piece of toilet paper and soaked up the pee as much as I could and then placed it in his litter box. I then took the kitten and placed him in the box, put his nose to the paper so he could smell it and then took one of his little pawsies and made a scratching motion in the litter with it. I also left the paper in the box. From then on he used the litter box. I had him closed in a room when I first got him so that he got accustomed to where his litter box was, then after about 4-5 days he was let out to venture the rest of the house. I hope this helps.

Bless you and thank you again for rescuing the kitten and I hope you are able to see a vet sooner than the 19th. Is this your regular vet or are there other vets in your area that you can bring the kitten to? If so, I would call them up, explain the kittens condition and see if you can get one sooner.

Also, any chance on seeing a picture or two, or three, of the baby?
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