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Originally Posted by CearaD View Post
Hello all! I just recently took in an orphaned kitten last Sunday. He had a horrible eye infection and was beyond dehydrated. He's doing much better now, and we have a vet appt set up. He recently starte running this morning which leads me to believe he is between 4-5 months old. I'm not sure for how long he was abandoned, but he still cannot go to the restroom without stimulation. I don't mind, but all I have read says that kittens can go on their own around 2-3 weeks of age. Why can't he, and is it possible to help him learn quicker? (besides stimulation, of course, as I am already doing so regularly.)
Do you think the kitten could had been abandoned because it has health issues? I hope no one did do that to the poor kitten. Maybe he has an urine infection and is having trouble peeing. Maybe you should get an urine sample to bring it to the vet to rule any infections . I am glad to rescued the kitten .
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