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The AVMA may be able to help you. They have a "Household Hazards" brochure with this info,

• Lily of the Valley, oleander, azalea, yew, foxglove,
rhododendron and kalanchoe may cause heart problems
if ingested.
• Rhubarb leaves and shamrock contain substances that
can produce kidney failure. Certain types of lilies (Lilium
and Hemerocallis species) are highly toxic to cats, resulting
in kidney failure — even if only small amounts are ingested.
• Sago palms (Cycad species) can cause liver damage,
especially if the nut portion of the plant is consumed.
• Additionally, fungi such as certain varieties of mushrooms
can cause liver damage or other illnesses.
A few other potentially harmful plants include philodendron,
corn plant, castor bean, mother-in-law’s tongue, Hibiscus
and hydrangea.

Maybe they would have statistics available upon request as well.
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