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Arrow Vet student needing help

i have an assessment on intrinsically poisonous pets to livestock and domestic animals, resulting in death etc. For this assessment, i need to find COMMONLY INGESTED poisonous plants.
I have read all the lists, but can't find if they are frequently ingested etc.
Are there any articles available on incidence rates of poisoning from plants?

For dogs & cats i've got:
- lillies (cat)
- cycad
- azalea (cant find incidence rate)
- grapes (have sufficient info)
- colocasia (elephant ear) and foxglove (need info on incidence).

and livestock
- oleander
- heliotrope
- patersons curse (have suffiicient info)
- hairy panic (have sufficient info)
- bracken fern (have sufficienct info)

Any help is greatly appreciated, or knowledge on commonly ingested plants.
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