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My cat is pooping in the same spot but pees in the litterbox! Help!

Hello all,

My name is Angela and I have a 2 year old female siamese mix (Bailey) that has been litterbox trained. Recently, a couple of weeks ago, we came home to poop in the corner of the dining room floor. We also think my aunt may have stopped by with her new dog... a pomeranian that Bailey cannot stand. At first we thought the dog may have done it but our suspicions were incorrect because a couple of days ago, we noticed there was poop in the same spot. Coincidentally, this happened the same day that my aunt stopped by with the dog again. However the poop was there in the morning so we know Bailey did it. We cleaned the carpet with strong spot cleaner and she did it again this morning.

Could this be a territorial issue and she is acting out because of it?

Does anyone have any suggestions??
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