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My experiences with Sarcoma Salve

I thought I'd share my experiences with the Sarcoma salve since I've used them on 3 species and had different results.

My first experience was used on our ferret, Jade. She had an aggressive Sarcoma on her back the size of a golf ball. This had been surgically removed 3 times prior and we decided to try a different route. I was referred to a great oncologist in Phoenix and we started with some oral holistic treatments. With the tumor still growing and now ulcerated, we started the salve. She screamed bloody murder upon it's first application. The salve was applied and then a guaze pad with the Wound Balm on it. She was wrapped and sent home. We kept her slightly sedated with some Metacam the first night as ferrets can get out of anything when they want to. 24 hours later, she was bathed (with baby shampoo) and the the tumor had turned black at the center, gray outer and a red ring. It was the most foul thing I've ever smelled. I again reapplied the wound balm and bandaged her up. I reapplied the salve every other day and the wound balm was used upon every bandage change. After the first application, she didn't have much of a problem with the salve being applied. I had a much harder time after the first 2 days keeping a bandage on her and in turn the tumor remained drier and took a bit longer to slough off. I looked like a big black scabs where chunks would come off, the remaining open sore would ooze blood periodically. After about a month and half, the tumor that was about 1/4 her own body mass was completely gone, a healthy pink crater remained. Continuing the wound balm, the site was completely healed in about 10 days which I found astonishing. She's been cancer free for over 3 years now.

I had a cancerous tumor on my arm and opted to try the salve instead of the out patient procedure for it's removal. I applied the salve and a bandaid. Within about 10 min, the site began to burn quite a bit. I took a sleeping pill, held some ice on it and dozed til morning. The following morning, I was in a great deal of pain and upon removing the bandage, a hole was left behind straight to the bone. I went in to the doctor and was given multiple pain medication and antibiotics. The pain pills did absolutely nothing. The pain was similar to the shingles I've had in the past where it feels like more of a nerve pain than anything else and thus, not much helps with the pain. The cancer is gone, but I have a rather large scar.

My 3rd experience has been with my 13 year old dog, Kaylee. She's a terrier mix about 40 pounds and had a tumor about 5" in diameter near her 'arm pit' on her front left leg. The tumor was getting in the way and we were warned that cutting into the tumor usually caused the cancer the spread and given Kaylees age, the surgery would be risky and expensive. I requested that we try the salve despite the doctor saying this was the largest tumor she's ever tried the salve on. We applied topically and saw little graying 24 hours later. The tumor was then injected with the salve and still, we saw very little change. After 3 weeks, we cut the tumor open and a large quantity of the tumor had died inside was discharged upon the cutting. We applied topically. I noticed her appetite was decreasing more and more. She had been taking tramadol and another holistic supplement to control bleeding. They added in appetite stimulants and anti-nausea meds and nothing helped. She started throwing up and couldn't keep anything down. Bloodwork indicated she had severe pancreatitis. We stopped treatment and she had to be hospitalized. We were concerned the cancer had spread and did more bloodwork and biopsies. All clear. The cancer was only in the arm. The doctor had never seen pancreatitis caused by the salve but didn't rule it out. After 2 months of off and on hospitalization, the began encouraging me to put her to sleep. I stopped all medication and started using some holistic supplements from Azmira that were specifically for cancer, pancreatic issues and blood and lymphnode detox. I noticed a drastic difference in just a couple days. She's now fully recovered from the pancreatitis and is continuing to get the Azmira products twice daily. We restarted the salve on a much more spread out basis of every other week. She cries for about 3 hours after application. The tumor comes off a bit, it bleeds alot and after about a week, I really notice that the tumor has gone down in size. The tumor is now almost gone. This entire process has been a rather messy one with Kaylee. The tumor is rather vascular and 'juicy' as the vet put it. It bleeds and oozes quite a bit. I was concerned about the amount at first and was assured it was normal. She requires 2-3 bandage changes a day still.

A few things I've learned in my experience that may help you:
-Give a pain med about an hour before application
-Once the tumor has begun to die, change the bandage frequently, I noticed this helps with comfort and it helps keep the body from reabsorbing the dead tissue.
-Keep the area moist with wound balm. This speeds up the process
-If they really struggle with the burn and application, ask your vet about topical lidocaine to help ease the initial burn.
-Apply ice packs over the bandage after application to ease pain and swelling. This stuff really BURNS for the first bit!

Hope this helps!
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