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Originally Posted by Maddies-Dad View Post
you definitely could tell she was in pain after the injections with whining and whimpering.
Did the tramadol help with her pain ? How long did she seem to be in pain ?

Thank you so much for the explanations and pictures. Neoplasene is something I am very curious about , having lost 2 of my goldens to cancer , with tumors that couldn't be operated on.

the thing that makes me think twice is the pain it brings to them. And the lack of infos about the treatments. I tried to find out from the company , if they got orders from Quebec's vets , so I could talk to a vet in my area that knew about the treatment and all they said was to tell my vet to contact them. That's not the answer I was looking for.*

I'm very happy to know that Maddie is doing good !
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