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hi. the posts on this site seem to be pretty dated, but thought i'd share my experience so far with neoplasene.

my 3 y.o. pug was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor on his stomach. surgery was an option, but i decided to try the more holistic approach. they injected my dog's tumor and within 48 hours, his tumor fell off, leaving a gaping hole. it was pretty disgusting, to be honest, but fortunately, my vet had warned me. the other problem was that it was difficult to manage the wound b/c i work (and there was no one at home to care for him). that said, the wound healed very quickly with the wound balm. it was really bad the first 4-5 days, but within a week to 10 days, the wound was nearly entirely gone.

he's now on a regimen of 1 cc/day of the oral neoplasene. he hasn't had any problems with nausea or anything--i add it to his dry kibble. though, i've heard from others that some dogs

it's a commitment--once they start on the oral neoplasene, it's a lifetime commitment (i wasn't aware of this when i decided to go this route) and it's pretty expensive (about $250/bottle, which lasts about 5 months).

the founder is a bit of a jerk. i called him because i was worried about managing the wound, and he basically screamed at me that i wasn't doing things "right," even though i tried to explain to him my situation: that i live alone, i work a full time job, and that it was exceptionally difficult to bandage my dog (pugs have a very odd body shape--broad shoulders with atiny waist--so it was like putting a bandage on a big cone!) i was feeling bad enough about my poor pooch and his pain and did not appreciate being yelled at! my advice to you is have your vet call him to ask your questions!

i'm glad i did it overall. though managing the wound was difficult and it was not cheap, i still feel the recovery time was much shorter than surgery would have been and he didn't need to have radiation or chemo. and hopefully it will keep any remaining cells at bay!

good luck, and i hope this helps anyone considering this treatment.
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