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Originally Posted by bendyfoot View Post
Wow, kudos to you for being a good "nurse" and helping maddie get through what looks like a painful and trying ordeal. I can relate a bit...we dealt with a lot of grossness and oozing and draining (floods) and open wounds when Jaida had her leg amputated (lots of weird complications, two surgeries). It's hard on the people who have to see the wound every day (you guys) and deal with bandage changes etc. It's easy to let it get to you sometimes, and much harder to stay objective and rational and do what needs to be done. I found that seeing it through a camera (I tooks lots of pictures) helped me distance myself from it a bit and stay objective...maybe your documentation of the progress helps you too? It'll hopefully help others about to experience it too...thanks for sharing the pictures.
Poor you and poor puppers.
I've been looking at your Jaida blog. What a brave little cutie!! I've got my fingers crossed for the Hip Fairy!
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