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Neoplasene Treatment

I notice that your question was asked several weeks ago so I don't know how you decided to proceed with treatment. I can tell you our experience with neoplasene and I would recommend that you continue with the treatment. Our greyhound was diagnosed with an agressive form of this same cancer on her shoulder in October. Our vet put her on both an oral dose as well as the salve. We administered the salve once a week and each time it was obvious that it caused discomfort. We also saw the scabs, which she would pull off in a day or so, bleeding, oozing, etc...

The area became an open wound and we had no idea how big it would get or how long it would take before we could stop the treatments. Early in January the vet thought the tissue he was seeing looked healthy so he kept her on the oral dose but we stopped the topical. The area has since completely healed over and we think she is cancer free - the vet took a look a couple of days ago and thought so too. We keep an eye on it and take her back in 3 months. She has been off everything for about 2 months now.

One thing you might ask your vet about is injecting the site. We did not need this, but our vet told us about several cases where he injected the tumor directly and it worked great. This has truly been a miracle for our dog, since the original pathology report did not paint a very hopeful picture for her. I think we caught it early, though, and it had not spread as far as it could have.

Best of luck.

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I am currently using the Buck Root Suave for my 14 yr old dog with a hemangiopericytoma on her left rear leg. We had to put some needle points in to the tumor to facilitate the suave. I have been on this for over 6 weeks, applying the suave once a week. There have been many changes, lots of swelling, bleeding, oozing and such. Very messy, very uncomfortable and smelly. The tumor has huge scabs on it and every time a small piece falls off there is bleeding. I am getting a little discouraged because I do not notice the tumor becoming any smaller. I am under a vet's supervision who says that each treatment they do if different. She says to continue with it, but I may hold off for an extra week to let some healing begin. My vet does not cover the area with the suave like it says in Dr. Fox's clinical studies. Does anyone have any good news for me about this? It's so red and swollen and ugly most of the time. Does everyone cover the suave with a bandage when it's applied? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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