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We put in an expensive brand spanking new Electrolux central vac last Spring and there's nothing to rave about at all . Other than not having to lug around a heavy vacuum, I can't brag about it. The hose is about 20 feet long and awkward to hang up when done using it. And the sponge filter and canister..... . You need two filters so when one's all dirty and disgusting (doesn't even take a month with 3 dogs), you have to put in the other one in order to vacuum the dirty one . Then you have to wash it with warm soapy water and it takes forever to dry. The humongous canister doesn't have a bag so you have to flip it over into a large garbage bag....preferably outdoors so you're not choking on the dust.

Had I of known it would have been more trouble than it was worth, I would have spent the extra 100 bucks to repair my regular ancient Electrolux vacuum .
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