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I'm happy with the cetral vac we have, except that ...

the hairs clog the top of the canister before it's even 1/4 full of dust

the nozzle has a too-sharp angle between the actual mouth piece and the hose so that I keep having to lift it and hand-feed the fur-balls into it

nothing works on the carpet - I had one of those power nozzles that turn a brush inside it to lift and pick up the hair? Well, sorry who-ever made that thing, when too much pet-hair gets in there, the thing stops swivelling and nothing gets picked up at all! We took it apart, opened it and cleaned it, put iot back together, it worked - for 5 minutes, before being all stuck full of hair again.

IMO, it's not so much the suction power, as the nozzle design; and I'm still looking for one that has a more open angle to it.
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