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To any one interested an update, and maybe a chance to finalize this thread.....all 4 babies will continue to live with us. They are all so different and so adorable, and we love them all.

I took the girls to the Pet Adoption today, and was to pick either them or the carrier or both up at 2:00. Before I left them, I waited quite a while trying to decide if I could keep them, or if it was better for them to find a nice home. On the way to pick them up close to 2:00 if they hadn't been adopted, I didn't know if I was going to be sadder to find neither in the carrier or to find them both still there, unadopted. I guess when tears filled my eyes when I saw them both there - I got my answer.

They all will live here with me and my roomie, the 3 dogs who seem to love them, the 3 indoor cats who are still quite unsure, and the 4 outside cats who will get their porch again. The mom - Tilly, one of those outside, will find herself at the vet to be fixed, as soon as she is done lactating. Crazy girl is still feeding these 4, and they are almost 8 weeks old. She has really been a good mama.

If anyone wants to know, their names are, Andy, Stanley, Lilly and Fergie (still opting on Polly instead of Fergie, but she looks like a Fergie).

Call me a fool - I am, but these babies are so special to me.

Thanks to all who have been so supportive on this.

Diane.....and all the critters

I will add more pictures later if anyone wants me to.
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