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They're not all black. They are all solid colors, though--or nearly so. JD is mostly white with a few red tabby markings in places typical of Turkish Vans. There was a large, pale cinnamon cat with no distiguishing patches and another very dark cat that we saw last winter for a few days before it disappeared. That last one might have been a tortie, but it would have been very dark colors--mostly dark brown and black, I think. It looked mottled, but I never got close enough to that one during daylight to tell for sure. None of them have been typical tabbies. That's why I'm thinking it's someone actually breeding for the coat color and not feral cats just meeting up and having litters in the woods...

Unscrupulous and heartless as the person(s) responsible might be, they likely wouldn't be arrested even if caught. Slap on the wrist, maybe. Unless they pressed charges for animal cruelty, but it's a hard sell since everyone and their brother seems to think that cats can fend for themselves in the woods, even if they were raised in a house! *sigh*

We were going to do the porch on the shed, anyway, because it's nice to sit out there (so nice, we moved the yard swing in under the roof), but the red squirrels keep chewing holes in the screening to get inside to nest. If we add the windows, it'll keep the squirrels out, but we can still open the windows and get a nice breeze when we're sitting out there. It wasn't until we found Midnight and realized we had no place to keep him separate that we thought the porch might also make a nice Cat Motel. With luck, we won't need to use it. I wouldn't complain if we never saw another stray....
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