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Thank you for the reply I feel so much better about it now. I'll just continue to let them be, and let Kiba get use to her in his own time. I don't want to force any interaction with them, or stress him out.

He's a sweet boy and mostly just runs away from her. She's now trying to play with him, or at least I think she is but he still wants no part it in. She reminds me of a cat as she's always pawing at him or trying to sneak up on him and pounce. Not sure if that's playing or not. He still mostly runs away but will give her a growl every now and then, but nothing aggressive. I will hear/see kiba running and Eevee will be right behind him chasing him. Which often leads him to jumping off the couch or him going into my room where she can't get him.

She's actually very funny and a handful. Definitely more of a spite fire than Kiba was as a puppy. I'm sure Kiba loves the fact that her little bursts of energies don't last that long before she's passed out for a nap.

I have a crate for her. I lock her up in the night and when I leave the house. Just so I know she wont be peeing all through the house, or driving Kiba crazy. It's one of the ways I trained Kiba as a puppy. He was as easy puppy he took to his crate fast. Eevee on the other hand hates it. She barks up a storm when she has to go in it. Makes me tired as she wakes me up at night, but she's young so she'll eventually get use to it. Once she's trained she can sleep in the bed with me and Kiba.

Here's some pictures of my little monsters
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