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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
How swollen is he? By now, he should be pretty much on the mend.

Did they give you any pain pills for him? We've noticed that when the healing gets to the itchy stage, pain meds tend to calm the dogs... If not, the ice pack is a good short term solution.
Hi Hazelrunpack,

This morning, the swallowness is practically gone. All the area has practically come back to its normal color, and I was lucky enough that the borough cleaned last night the almost 1m snow acummulation, so we went for a walk around the block and he got distracted eating/"drinking" snow.

They didn't give pain pills but pills for the swallowness for four days that he's taking after food at night.

Other than that, they also recommended to desinfect with peroxide and put antibiotic unguent on it, in the morning and at night, what I've been doing, and that also seems to relief him a bit. Ther's not been any infection, as there is no foaming reaction when I apply the peroxide.

It breaks my heart hearing him grounting in "resignation" as he lays down accepting that the cone is not being removed and he has to put up with it.
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