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This is Lily I just wanted to update you all. I took her to the vet on Friday afternoon, and he gave her a checkup. Her crumpled ear was very dirty and irritated so he gave us some cleaning stuff and some medicated drops and we clean and medicate her ear twice a day. As to the Meowling, as we have unaffectionately come to call it, it is starting to slow down. At the vet, we shaved her belly and looked for any signs of a spay scar- there was nothing. We also looked at her tattoo, and it does not resemble the tattoos of the vet who does the spays and neuters for our local shelter. So I am bring her back on Monday so that the shelter can look at her tattoo. But it's pretty much 90% certain that she is unspayed and in heat and got overlooked because she has a tattoo.
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