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hi Silverwind:

You have a kitty that was in a shelter for some 2 years, among other cats, so she had "company" so to speak. She is now in a new home with no other animals until you got the puppy. This could have caused severe stress for her. Maybe that good looking puppy will help to occupy her mind and be a playmate for her and relieve some of the stress.
Depending on her personality, this could last some length of time. We've noticed this stress when moving our animals from familiar surroundings to a new place.

As far as the tattoo is concerned, this was done for all our cats when they were spayed or neutered. This is when the vets normally tattoo because the animal is already under anaesthetics for the surgery. It's impossible to run the tattoo machine with any accuracy if they are not under.

Something you might want to ask your vet when you see him/her is about a product called Feliway, which is a synthetic Pheromone. I've used it when moving and found it to ease the anxiety in the animals. It was vet recommended to me.

Case in point. We had a friend who passed away suddenly in October last year and the stress on the cat was profound. Our friend's wife is still having some issues with the cat and its loss of its human buddy. Some cats are severely bothered by change of surroundings and the loss of companionship more so than others.

Others have already suggested lots and lots of play - this is essential. Also using Rescue Remedy in the drinking water will help, along with late snacks at night.

Would it be possible for a photo of your Lily so we can see what she looks like? Best of luck at the vets tomorrow.
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