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Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
So not a good idea. Yelling at cats only increases their anxiety over the situation. Praising them is for sure great, but the yelling part could backfire.

Pellet litters don't tend to be well accepted by cats (having said that, I do use pellets - as well as a finer clumping litter - for my kitties but they were raised on it and they also have the option to choose something else if they don't feel like walking on such a coarse material).

The biggest problem with the Breeze system is that the pellets need to be replaced very frequently or else they retain urine odours. Cats are more sensitive to these odours and may decide they'd rather not walk through pee-infused pellets in order use the loo. I would highly recommend your roommate at least provide the cats with one more box containing a fine, unscented clumping litter. Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract might be a good choice for the time-being.

Woa. Are you telling me that Bob, with known renal issues, is taking an NSAID that is contraindicated for use in cats with renal issues (and can in fact, CAUSE renal failure)???? There is even a black box warning by the FDA on administering oral Metacam to healthy cats, nevermind sick ones. What are Bob and Sam taking Metacam for anyway?
I agree with you that yelling at the cat is a bad idea and the cat has no idea why it being yelled at. This could made the cat be more fearful of people and not want to use the littler box if anyone is near it. I really feel bad for the cats after reading this.
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