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What Camera do you have?
Canon Rebel XTi w/ 430 exII Speedlight and Sigma 20mm Wide angle lens
Samsung SL620
Sony DSC -T7

What do you like/love about it?
Canon Rebel: Its the most versatile out of all my cameras, I can get neat results with the lens and love being able to take awesome photos

Samsung SL620 I got it off using my airmiles. It was cheap and records HD video. It has a setting that the camera will recognize a smile and take the picture automatically, making it easy-ish to use for casual settings like family outings or parties.

Sony DSC-T7 was my first point and shoot. It's about 5 years old now, and was built like a rock. It takes amazing macro shots, can record video for long periods of time and is teeny tiny - can fit in a wallet!

What don't you like about it?
Canon Rebel is not very reasonable for casual photo taking, has a lot of accessories and to get new accessories it is expensive.

Samsung SL620 is probably one of the worst point and shoot cameras I've used. It's slow, the menu is not organized very well and the video option, while it does take HD video, only records for 30 seconds. I absolutley do not recommend this camera.

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