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New cat introductions

An update on the general introductions of Dusty to the rest of the critters...

JD is showing some gastrointestinal distress--soft stool and some barfed water this morning--so we backed off. He didn't want to go up to the shed on his walk to see Dusty today, so I let him have his way. He's cuddly, still eating well, and poopin' and peein' on schedule, so it's nothing major, and we have time, so we'll go slower on that end.

Lili did want to see Dusty this morning, so we visited. Dusty never even got up today--she rolled right over on her back and batted at Lili's nose, which was being pushed brazenly against the bars of the kennel. They had a little bit of play before Lili left to practice her agility moves. I still find it so odd that both cats seem more comfortable with the dogs (one of whom is a goofy, bratty, rambunctious teenager ) than they are with each other!!

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This afternoon, I brought Dusty into the family room. I thought long and hard about it because I don't want JD to be stressed even more, but in the end, I decided for it. She enjoyed her time inside--she explored, used the litter box, played with a furry-feathery wand, and sat on my lap for a little while before her kitten squirminess got her up and moving around again!

JD was up later and didn't seem upset that she'd been there, so that was a relief. I wondered later if I should have left the potty in the box so he could smell her, but I'd cleaned the box up right away. Should I have left it? Or is there strong enough scent left over after scooping that he should be able to get her smell even if his nose is a little blind?

And, finally, here a few shots of Dusty--one of her sweet little face and the other showing her interesting coat color. Not sure what you'd classify that as other than muted--calico? tortoiseshell? funky tabby?

Name:  Dusty 8-30-19 A.jpg
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