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Asthma is a cause of coughing it usually starts to appear in cats around 4 years old.
Inhaled environmental allergies can cause coughing. IE: smoke, pollen, scented candles, dust etc
Pneumonia can also cause coughing in cats usually accompanied by lethargy & a fever.

After bringing home Pixi she developed an URI - watery eyes/runny nose/sneezing likely bacterial in nature - was on antibiotics that cleared it up. Shortly after that Lilly started coughing it sounded like she was trying to bring up a hairball with no results. The only time she was coughing was early in the morning & late at night. She also later developed a fever & when I took her to the vet the radiologist diagnosed pneumonia with low grade asthma. The pneumonia was also likely bacterial in origin caught from Pixi, the pneumonia & the coughing was cleared up with antibiotics & an anti inflammatory. Vet mentioned the potential of inhaled environmental allergies as well.

A video of Lilly's coughing was a great tool to show to the vet so they could see/hear what was going on. Since the timing is fairly predictable try to catch an episode on video to show the vet.
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