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Originally Posted by dogcatharmony View Post
I was wondering if it is okay to cut a cat's whiskers? Amos has ONE whisker that is growing straight up into his eye. It has a curl to it also,so the curl let's more of the whisker touch his eye, and it is really bothering his eye. It is constantly poking him, and his eye is always wet. He walks around squint eyed. I have tried to smooth the curl out with my fingers, but it just goes "sproing" right back up into his eye. I have heard to never ever cut a I thought I would ask here. I dont want to cause him any pain.
Hi DCH. I don't think cutting just the one whisker is going to harm him. If it's hurting his eye it would be a good idea. It's when they are all cut that cats lose their balance and bump into things at night. If you notice cats' whiskers they are in direct proportion to the size of the cat. A smaller cat will normally have smaller whiskers. A larger cat will normally have longer whiskers. This way they can judge a small space they are wanting to explore. If their whiskers get jammed up and squashed they know the area is small. Doesn't always stop them from exploring it (and getting stuck) but at least they know.
Whiskers do fall out on occasion and a new one grows in it's place. It will be interesting to see if once you trim back that troublesome one if it comes back as kinky.
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