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Hi Marco,

Thank you for that, I will make sure I say "no" when he attacks something he shouldn't. I have been using a loud tssstt noise and that seems to stop him right away, but I. Am trying to get my husband to do it and he is almost as stubborn as the cat about listening to me. Lol.

Is it bad to hiss back at a cat when he does it to you??

Also, any ideas on how long to I wait until I try and hold him?? I don't want to force him, but I'm afraid if I wait to long, he might never let me..not just hold him, but touch him in general.

I purchased a bird teaser toy and used it for the first time last night. He went crazy...he seemed like a true hunter. I had to take it away after a while because i did lt want him to ruin it in the first 10 minutes of use. It was awesome. I got mine at a store called pet planet in Calgary...there was another uses that was looking for them. They might ship.

Originally Posted by marko View Post
Redirect the cat's attention to toys that the cat is allowed to play with.

A loud 'No!' should accompany any attack on fingers.

100% of family members need to respect this rule 100% of the can be fun to play with kittens with your fingers....but there must be NO exceptions.

Help Burn off a cat's excessive energy/ prey drive with appropriate toys.

This toy for a cat is like a porno mag (I mean the Internet - gosh I'm getting old) to a teenaged boy.

Highly, highly, highly recommended (the cat toy ).
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