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Second Opinion - Osteosarcoma

My cat has not been eating for the last 10 days and he's lost 50% of his weight. He still drinks water. I brought him to the vet yesterday and she concluded that my cat has Osteosarcoma in his upper jaw and that nothing can be done. She concluded the timeline left for my cat is 1-6months depending on the cat. My guess is my cat is about 12 years old, but it's hard to tell because we only adopted him 5 years ago from the humane society. She said to prepare for the worst and decide whether it's time to let him go.

I am still in shock from this, and think I should get a second opinion. The vet based her diagnosis from visually inspecting his jaw and mouth and she showed me pictures from a textbook to validate her claim. I've always trusted this vet as I've been with her for a number of years and she does have 20+ years under her belt.

Of course everyone Google's about the condition as they get home and I found that they're is more that should be done before coming to that conclusion.

should I trust the doc or should I get a second opinion.

Secondly, any reputable vets in Scarborough, Ontario?

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