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dog eating other dog's poop


My 11 months old huskyX just started eating other dog's frozen poop (not interested in fresh ones) so going to the dog park became quite stressful because I have to keep calling her back to me (which she comes fairly quickly even when her nose is right onto the subject, but my throat gets overused every time we go to the park!!).
She eats good quality dry dog food with some fresh and cooked food twice a day, she is fixed and I don't think she's stressed out.
I haven't been able to come across a sufficient description of commercial coprophagia treatment pills, if it makes her own poop distasteful or if it supplies possible minerals and vitamins she lacks in her diet which seems to be one of the causes of coprophagia?
But I'm just wondering if it works, or even worth trying for this problem?
Or the training is the only way to correct this problem?
All those things to sprinkle on her food, like molasses, brewer's east, spinach, pumpkins and pineapples are all make her own poop distasteful so it won't do it if she only eats other dog's poop, right?
And is it a reasonable assumption that she may grow out of it?

Thanks very much.
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