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Originally Posted by heart433 View Post
The removable pull ring of a YOP drink container.
Plain old string.
A well-crumpled ball of paper.

The beautiful (and exasperating) thing about cats is that they usually like to play with household items instead of the $8 pink catnip-filled mouse that you thought you looked tempting.
That is true.

Originally Posted by TacoGrl View Post
My two like anything mom calls "Don't play with that!!!" or "Give me that, you'll choke!!!"

Seriously though...they like...

small mice
string (thick like a drawstring)
empty toilet paper rolls (not really obught in a store though )
pretty much anything I jiggle around in front of them
TG...I hear ya about the give me that you'll chocke! LOL

I have given them the empty toilet paper rolls, but they aren't interested.

I just wanted to bring them back something special seeing as I don't leave town much and town doesn't have many neat cat toys. I even am going to look for a good litter scooper, as the ones I've found in town are crummy and break really easily!

The last time I left town was um almost 4 years ago! My son has already told me I can't fill up the car with cases of cat food this time cause they need to buy stuff too! I wish they still had their van and not a tiny car! LOL

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