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Originally Posted by Chase_Mom View Post
Rupert has a plastic ring with a plastic ball in it that he loves.....and his Kong Wubba
a plastic ring with a plasic ball in it? Is that the one like a big donut that the ball can't come out? If it is..we have one of those.

Originally Posted by dmc123 View Post
Mine love the little (life size) stuffed mice. And the laser light, oh my!

mine love the stuffed mice too! I don't have a lazer light though.

Originally Posted by allfurlove View Post
My guys love hangy toys with feathers
what does this hangy toy with feathers look like? Does it fit over a door or something?

I have a wand toy with feathers that I hold on to and play with them. It's like a fishing pole.

I remember some one on the forum was given toys for their kitties at christmas I think it was. And they said they had some toy that went over the top of the door and their kitties would swat at it??

Now, if I could just rememeber who that was. LOL
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