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My reason for asking Jim isn't to try and confuse either myself or members, you just have to be patient with me as I am not in any way a photographer or even experienced with all these terms. Focal length even has me a bit miffed.
What I'm trying to get at is I want a far better zoom lense for the SLR than what I get with the Panasonic point and shoot. The Panasonic has the numbers 28mm wide written on the lense, so what would I buy for the SLR to get far more zoom than the 10X zoom I get with the Panasonic. Keeping in mind I don't alway want to carry a tripod.
I bought the Nikon D40, just an entry level but will do what I need it to do, also from everything I have read about it, the weight won't be a problem after two or three hours of wearing it on a hike. That was an important issue for me and the deciding factor as to what to buy.
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