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Inside vs Outside Cats

I love when cats can enjoy the outdoors in a safe environment. Unfortunately, more times than not cats do not have access to a safe area outside... I've talked to a lot of people who get SO angry with me when I talk about the use of "cat doors" as they immediately assume I'm talking about letting cats outside to get eaten by wild animals, hit by cars, or otherwise injured/killed (as if that was my intention?).

No, I do not blindly advocate for all cats to be released into the dangerous outside world. But neither will I advocate for cats to be kept inside their entire lives, never allowed to enjoy the simple pleasures of sunshine, wind, and fresh air.

I don't understand how catios are not more popular. The more I talk about my cat's catio the more I understand how so many people have never even considered this as a possibility! Why not let our indoor cats enjoy both the safety of the home and the joys of the outside?

Do you have a catio? What is your opinion on the matter?

Thank you!
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