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I put up 2 feeders, a silo and a platform. I use black sunflower seeds and it took the little piggies about 3 days to hone in on them. Now holy crow, the little cold snap we had wow!! They could empty both feeders in a matter of hours. We have sparrows, nuthatches, a couple of chickadees and since I just bought some peanuts in the shell, blue jays and I think they're flickers, not colourful but very pretty and big!! Saw a woodpecker today so I put out the suet for them. For some reason here, the bluejays prefer their peanuts in the shell and don't bother with sunflower seeds at all. Back in Ontario though, the bluejays would've lost out to the squirrels but here the birds actually get everything. Noella and Nino certainly enjoy watching them and Bayley tries to chase the bigger ones..hahah Magpies love to tease dogs!!
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