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Wow... no one's "the winner" in this story. And sadly, it hasn't brought out the best in *us* here either.

I certainly feel for the woman who got bit but, I'm also thinking about the SIXTEEN year old Shihtzu. If this owner "cannot" afford the $610 fine how is she affording veterinary care. After all, at that advanced age with no (alleged) prior behaviour who is to say this little one isn't demonstrating dementia or thyroid-induced (or other illness-induced) behavioural changes. I'm referring to the dog of course.

I'm not sure I understand Shay to be saying that the owner isn't or shouldn't be held responsible Brandon. What I believe is her point (and Shay please feel free to correct me here) is that as the general public has a responsibility in how they conduct themselves in the presence of animals. I know I find more and more parents are stopping their children and making them ask me first if it's okay to.... slobber all over my dogs.
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