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I went to a Natural grocery in my city to buy a flea collar for my small dog
a mini poodle mix . I brought a natural flea collar that had pennyroyal oil and some other oils in it . Pennyroyal oil was the first oil listed on the box. I put the collar on my dog and within a half a hour I had a headache and my poor dog was looking very unhappy . I looked up pennyroyal oil and found out it can cause headaches and is toxic to dogs . I went back to the store to return the collar and they wouldn't give my money back . I was !
I called the company that put the collar out and was told to go to the store for a refund , I said I tried that already . The company called the store and told them to give my money back , I got it back . The moral of this story just b/c something is natural doesn't mean it's safe to use on a pet or for people . So before you put any ' natural ' products on your little furry friend made sure it's not harmful to pets and children if you have any. I would love to see a photo of your !
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