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Good idea!


I have 8 cats who never go outside and who have always been fed ''Oven Baked tradition'' kibbles, and ''Natures'' canned food twice per day.
Right after the holidays, I too tried to feed them raw meat.
They looked at it and just walked away.
They simply refused to eat it!
I taught it would be a real treat for them, but no... no one was interested!
The feral/strays I feed did like it very much, and had quite a feast indeed! As I had bought a kilo of it!

I don't know much about meat, as I am a vegetarian, but I tried serving them liver (from chicken, and veal).
All these livers were from animals that were fed organic food, and I bought them at the butcher.
As I said, I am quite aloof about buying meat, since I don't eat any myself!
The local butcher assured me this was the best I could get, (he taught it was for humans).
But I made sure that they came from organic/bio animals that were free range and well treated.

When it was raw, they did not like it, so I sliced them in thin slices and cooked them (stir fry style).
When it was cooked, my cats like it, so much that they did not care for the kibble or canned food.
I feed them one kilo of that meat, twice a week, as it gets a bit expensive!
They prefer when it is cut in very small pieces, and served with the cooking juice!

I will try to cook the livers less and leave a bit of 'blood' in the meat to see if they like it.
Perhaps a slow progression to raw will work...

Good luck with your feeding raw meat to your cats.
It is the best for them, as I hear, but maybe they just need time to adjust!
Making a slow progression from ''well done'' to ''rare'' to ''raw'', may just be the thing!
I sure will try it with my cats!

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