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Cat Vomits when fed raw food

So I need a litte advice from you knowledgable people out there. I am trying to introduce my cat who is 11 years old to raw food. I have gotten him off of kibble and onto wet cat food (which is natural balance salmon and green pea) for about 6 months now. When he was on dry kibble he would go through bouts where he would vomit every day and even if it wasn't every day it was a least every third day. That is why I looked into switching him to a raw diet.
I read that first I would need or at least it was recommended to switch to wet food first, so that's what I did. He was doing pretty good, but lately he vomits maybe once a month and he also has horrible poos that are stinky, mushy and sometimes have blood in them, so I figured maybe it was time to make the plunge into raw.
What i did was get ground buffalo and tried to mix a 1/2 tsp into his wet food. He took like 2 bites and proceeded to immediately vomit up EVERYTHING in his stomach. I thought maybe it was a fluke so after he was fine the next day and had eaten two of his regular meals in between, I tried again, with the same result. What do you think I should try? Please help me!
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