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Flea Infestation

I'm currently out of the country for work ( I work with race horses ) and there is a cat in the barn next door to us who I have realyl grown attached to. I noticed while I was petting him one day that he was missing patches of hair on his back and when I pulled back his fur I found the worst flea infestation I have ever seen. He is a mostly outdoor cat so it is not surprising. But literally any patch of fur I pulled back you would see 2-3 fleas. My own cats back at home have had the odd flea.. but you might only find one or two and a bit of flea dirt. This cats entire back is crusty with flea dirt and you can barely see the skin in some areas. The poor guy is so itchy. I bought him some "Frontline" about 3 days ago. I re-checked him tonight and could only find a couple of fleas. Will the "Frontline" continue to kill them as well? Is it possible to treat them again before 30 days?

I'm asking because the lady who owns him has mentioned she cannot take him with her when this meet is finished.. which is in 3 days and everyone will be leaving the track. I'm worried she will leave him here. I would like to bring him home with us to continue treating him and possibly find him a new home when I get back to Canada. We will be going to another track for one month before returning home and staying in an apartment. When my own cats had fleas I just treated them with Advantage and never had any problems after that. But with an infestation like this, could they get into the apartment and live there? Do they live on humans or just bite them? Any information I could get to help would be greatly appreciated. I don't know for sure that we can take him yet, but I hate the thought of him being left here and want to know what I would be dealing with if I did take him.

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