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Originally Posted by tezster View Post
I was wondering if there's a general guideline on the best way to giving away kittens? I have 3 that are on their 6th week (FYI I 'adopted' a pregnant stray). They're still a month or so away from being ready, but I'd like to start thinking about it now and getting ready for it. What I'd like to do is to give the kittens their first round of vaccinations at least, and charge an 'adoption fee' equal to the vaccination cost to help ensure they're going to a home with responsible owners.

What else should I be doing or be mindful of?
What kind of pets the person has at home already. If they have dog(s) do they get along with cats. How old their kids are , some little kids can be really rough on babies animals.

I wish there more people like then we would have less homeless and abused animals.
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