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Exclamation Advice! Heart murmur and limping??

I'm wondering if there is a connection between a heart murmur and limp.
I recently got a 7 week old French mastiff, a vet did a exam, and told me he has a heart murmur level one "well on it's way to level 4" then told me he has congenital bone diesease because of the limp, but he wasn't limping before the vet seen him. It was weird, but he started limping as the vet walked in. I don't have carpet and he keeps slipping on my tiles so I
Figured that's what had happened. None of the pups siblings had anything wrong with them. He was the largest pup of the litter. I've been reading about different things and nothing seems to
Connect it. The vet said he doesn't have blood going to the left side of his body properly because of his heart.
The pup does seem to sleep quite a bit. But is up most of the night. He doesn't eat alot but is eating, is drinking, and is playing, I've had him for 2 days. He does seem to have an odd walk at times but not all the time.

As anyone else seen anything like this?
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