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Originally Posted by MaxaLisa View Post
Glad she is better!

Just a mention, pitbulls are thought to be susceptible to Babesia, which is not often tested for, and I'm not sure how reliable the testing is. It's a common coinfection with tick disease, but can also occur on its own.
The first few days she was sick I actually did mention babesia to the emergency vet on the phone when he called me the next day to see how she was. He'd taken her blood the night before. I mentioned babesia to him after reading a lot and thought she had all the symptoms of it(but she also had all the systems of AIHA). He said he didn't think so simply because it is so rare here he's never saw a case in his career - but he messaged me a little while later and said he looked at her blood under slides and saw no indication of babesia. Also, she seems to be improving on her current treatment plan and I think babesia is not treated this way at all - theres only 2 drugs possibly used?

Thank you for the well-wishes, everyone. We have an apt. tomorrow morning to see where her count is. Her gums are getting pinker by the day. She is still really tired, but it's not a... "I'm dead tired". Shes alert and watches us. Re-positions herself.

I am however getting concerned. I think it's the steroids but I don't know; I'm asking tomorrow but has anyone with a dog on heavy steroid treatment found that their abdomen becomes really hard? When she is standing up, it looks slightly distended and when she is laying on her side it's very obviously enlarged. I've saw "swollen" belly as a side effect of steroids; does that also mean a really hard belly? It is not painful to her. I can rub, push, etc and she doesn't react. I first noticed this about a week ago, and it seems to be getting slightly worse - but back then I had the vet look at it too and she wasn't concerned. She felt her belly for a long while, pushing in and stuff and it was all fine and sassy didn't mind.

Does anyone think it's simply because of how much she is eating right now? The steroids are making her so hungry, and after the initial 4 days of not eating I've started to try and limit her food. Still, sometimes I have to give her a little because she is just so starving. She is eating more than she was before getting sick, more frequently.
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