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Originally Posted by linglan View Post
Hmmm... I understand that the only way to know if they are pure breed is with registration papers. But how do breeders proof that to begin with? Not that I want to breed mine, they are already neutered. I just want to know more if ever I want to get a pure breed dog or cat.
Not just registration papers....liniage which is required to have those papers. A good, reputable breeder will be able to give you the full background on your kitty right back to the foundation kitties used (no longer an issue with Maine Coons, long since stopped using as the lines have been established)
Since your's are not likely pure breed, nor do they have the established liniage, (I believe you said they came from a farm), if you did breed yours, were they not neutered, they would unfortunately produce only "mutt" kittens of which there are way too many unwanted around now.
If you should choose to go the pure breed route, there is a need to know your breeder and the reputation of the breeder and his/her practises. There are a lot of back yard breeders and people just out to make a buck by selling purebreed animals...with and with out papers.
I have pure breeds only because I have coveted the Maine Coon for over 25 years....way before most people had even heard of them. They were way out of my price range. When my last group of furkids passed on, I got my first Maine Coon, unfortunately, they ended up being like potato chips and I got 3 within 2 years.
These were and will likely be the only pure breed animals I ever others are rescues and I will likely continue to only take in rescues, but I would never have missed the relationship I have with my coonies.

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