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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
It's so frustrating when you can't get any answers. I remember with Evan, before they finally diagnosed his inflammatory bowel disease, we went through test after expensive test and all the results were inconclusive. We finally got some answers at a veterinary teaching college about 2 hours from where we lived. They ran a few tests, too, but they see so many difficult cases that they could narrow things down very quickly and knew which tests would best lead to a diagnosis. You wouldn't happen to be near a veterinary teaching college would you? Might be worth a try if you are.
Hi sorry for the late reply! Last few weeks have been hectic but we finally figured out what is wrong with my dog!

I went to a doctor who used to work with a neurologist specialist and he took one look at my dog and told me exactly what is wrong with him. He said damage to his cervical column (spine at the neck) caused one of his nerves to compress hence the facial deterioration.

He was also shocked at how so many vets were mis diagnosing my dog as one look at him by a well trained vet could tell me it was a neurological issue due to nerve compression in his neck and spine.

We are going to do a ct scan at a neurologists office but the prognosis looks good. He has no symptoms of a tumor or anythig of that kind.

He will no longer be vaccinated, he will be wearing a harness and never a normal collar again and he is being switched to a fully raw diet.

He will also be getting a course of prednisone to help with the inflammation in his body.

Since he doesnt need surgery, he will be getting therapy to stimulate his neck, decompress the nerve and stimulate the nerves.

Thank you for reading, i hope anyone who comes across my thread and has the same issues as my dog goes to see a doctor who is well trained at aeeing the signs of neurological damage in dogs
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