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Originally Posted by animallover4727 View Post
I believe your daughter's dog did in fact have something other than MMM or a combination of MMM and something else. Since you said he lost weight very fast, it might have been something neurological that caused his muscles to deteriorate maybe?

I believe your vet should have looked at other possible causes because MMM only affects the facial muscle since they are made from different fibers than the body muscles on a dog.

I am so sorry for what happened to your daughter's dog. Its very scary to see your dog fall so ill and waste away so quickly. Its what i fear worst about my dog as well. He is only 7 i really really pray and hope he will make it to at least 10 years. I am just not ready to let go of him, he is a huge part of my life and my daily routine
I feel you're right - I think he did have a lot more going on. He was the sweetest little guy and such a huge loss to my daughter as she loved him so very much.
I will keep your dog in my prayers and I'm happy to note from your updated post that you got some relief in discovering that the 'new symptom' may not be a sign of any major issue but something that has been there normally for a while.
You are an excellent pet parent to follow this through either way and I wish the very best and happiest of outcomes for both you and your dog.
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