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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Another hopeful sign--it's been 2 yrs since the atrophy. I've known of some dogs with trigeminal nerve tumors and they don't last that long, sad to say. That being said, a friend of mine had a setter that had one-sided atrophy, and it did turn out to be something with the trigeminal nerve, but it was a benign condition. Some sort of nerve damage, but not fatal. Saying a little prayer that your boy's condition is also benign!

And yes, please update as you find the time. And we'd love to see some pics of your boy if you have some to share with us!
After going through old pictures of my dog from when he was 3 years old and up, i realized the side of his head i thought was starting to cave in has always been that way! i compared a picture from today to a picture from 5 years ago- and its the same head on the right side! this makes me very hopeful! I guess because his left side is so caved in, it made the right side look a little wonky too.

This does not mean that Im going to give up figuring out what is wrong with his left side. I have decided before seeing the specialist who is going to charge hundreds just to do the initial consult, I will be asking my vet to do x-rays on my dog. They are relatively cheaper than MRIS and CT scans so if they show something, then whats the harm? if they don't, well then it was worth a try for a couple hundred dollars! I love my dog and if the x rays show nothing, I will pay the specialist and do whatever they think is best. He is a family member and I refuse to lose him!

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