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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Welcome to the board, animallover4727. Sorry it is under such worrisome circumstances.

We've had members in the past whose dogs have had this disease--but I'm not sure if any of them are still current.

That being said, there are other reasons for the head muscles to atrophy, and maybe your dog has something other than MMM. I'll cross my fingers that the vets find something other than MMM that's easily treated. Please let us know what the vets say?

Thank you for welcoming me! After speaking to the vets , they do not want to put my dog on prednisone because they believe he really doesnt have MMM, since the muscle atrophy is only on one side. Instead, they want to see what the specialist says since they think his trigeminal nerve might be the problem. Everything related to that nerve on the internet is very scary.

If it turns out to be a trgeminal nerve tumor, im afraid theres not much anyone will be able to do as they are usually unoperable and dont respond well to chemo

I believe an MRI or CT scan will confirm this after getting the specialist's opinon.

Im very hopeful though, because a nerve tumor usually comes with an array of symptoms and he has absolutely none other than the muscle atrophy. He is eating, playing and acting 100% normal and shows no sign of neurological issues physically.

But only time will tell. I will update if anyone wants one.

Thank you!
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